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Frequently Asked Questions

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Calling or Filling out the form ensures a quick and easy way to get a confident response. But here, sort through some of our commonly asked questions!

Do you help buyers, sellers, or people looking to build?

Lucklily, all three! We have over 100 years of helping people in Northeast Ohio build their family and future through matching them with their forever home. Whether its going to a better space, finding their dream home, or taking their plans and building from the ground up!

I'm new to looking for a home, what do I need?

Usually a pre-approved offer and a list of what you need goes far. But we understand that can be hard to navigate- At The Miller Realty Cimpany, we excel at helping pair our clients with the perfect match and allowing them to compare these offers into their own best fit.Built on reputation, and not sales goals, our goal is to see our clients happy.

Do I have to have a Credit Check before we can speak?

Nope! We don’t run credit to qualify people looking for information. We don’t see the value in making people scared of a first-time, millionth time, or unique situation that drives them to need some information our team can help provide.

What Areas do you work in?

Business-wise, we work with Buyers, sellers, and developers to build a house, a gas station, a workshop, or sell them! It’s in our DNA an something our team takes seriously.

How long should I wait to hear from you?

Usually our team gets back to you within 24 hours, and during the week it’s even faster. Feel free to call us and let us know what schedule works best, and we’llĀ  try to fit your schedule!

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